Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raine Falls part 1... cont.2

Three hours has passed on board and I had no idea where I was. Train ride made me imagine some of the scenes in Harry Potter stories. At that moment I was reading the sixth part of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter (Half Blood Prince). The things in my mind gave me creeps. I love reading so much.

There were Thai train attendants who were checking on each passenger. They checked our train tickets, they checked if we were comfortable and some offered us the food they are selling in the train restaurant. There were some Thai policemen checking the security of each passengers.

It was very dark out in the window. There was nothing else I could see but the silhouette of the trees and the dark blue sky.

During that time, Christmas was coming in few days. I still had no idea how to pick myself up. I was brokenhearted. In my thoughts, I had to convince myself that It was not the end. That wasn't easy. Piece by piece I had to gather my self. I needed to be home and accept the fact she's gone. That was my first move.

Ten hours more just to get back in the city. I was wondering what else will come in thoughts. I wasn't really sleepy. I headed back to my book checked the last page before I paused. I've put on my earphone to listen on my mp3 music.

I heard a voice in my head... "Hello everyone! Welcome to our online hangout and this is your host Raine Falls. Make yourself comfortable, meet new friends, chat with them, listen to some our selected song." I remember those lines. The voice keeps running in my head, "It is now 7 am in the morning in Bangkok City live online. Wherever you are, greeting you a pleasant Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening." That was the voice of Raine Falls.

Yeah, Raine Falls....


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raine Falls 1 (Shadow of my own lies)

It was almost 6 pm in one of the borders of Thailand that is a bridge away from Laos. The sky was getting dim in Nong Khai district. People are rushing to the train going to Bangkok. I'm one of them.

Getting in my coach, it was a second class airconditioned sleepers. I prefered to stay in this kind of coach to see some nice and some annoying people. What the hell will I do in a first-class cabin for 13 hours all alone? I got in my seat, trying to recall everything that happened to me in the past few days of roaming around Asia.

It was the last week of November and still drizzling when I first came to Vientianne,Laos. It was a cold wind that embraces me. It was nothing as cold with what I was during that time. My heart was broken, my life was shattered and my dreams were gone. I felt betrayed and all alone. That's how I see myself during that time. I noticed that it was almost Christmas and I decided to pick myself and head back to Thailand where my relatives and friends were waiting for me.

The train going to Bangkok, Thailand from Nong Khai District started to move. It was the start of the 13-hour night trip....